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Anatomy Question

anatomy question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Animal Farm Literary Essay (AOL) •Choose one of the topics below. •You MUST attach an outline and rough copy to your final submission. •Essay is 1200 min. to 1500 max. words. Don’t go over this amount. •Requirement: adhere to MLA format throughout. •The rubric MUST be attached to the final submission. Essay Topics: •Discuss Napoleon as an example of someone corrupted by power. •Compare Snowball and Napoleon as leaders. •Choose three minor characters (Mollie, Benjamin, The Cat, Old Major, Clover). Discuss the role of each in the novel. •The novel can be viewed as a warning. About what specific types of dangers might Orwell be warning his readers? What specific events in the book prove your points? •Discuss Snowball as Napoleon’s scapegoat. Why is he blamed for so many things? Why is his history rewritten? •Find parallels between Animal Farm and events in any totalitarian country. Point out and explain these parallels. •Using only the novel, determine George Orwell’s political philosophy. Support your decision through references to events in the novel. Your essay must include the following: Introduction: strong hook, thesis, supporting ideas Transition Words: between body paragraphs Body Paragraphs: topic sentence, point, proof, explanation Conclusion: restate thesis statement, summarize main points, closing thought Assessment: •You will use the essay process as you write this essay. •You must attach the following to your submission: •First, your final good copy; •next, your essay template; •then, your rough draft (put the words Rough Draft in your title); •followed by your self/peer checklist; and •the rubric will be the final page of your submission. Student Name: ____________________________/100 Grade 12 UNIVERSITY Essay Rubric 5=exemplary, 4=accomplished, 3=considerable, 2=capable, 1=limited 5 4 3 2 1 KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING /30 Introduction: Effective hook is used, author and title included Introduction: clear thesis statement, no examples and has assertion and direction Introduction: supporting points are clearly presented in the thesis (direction of body paragraphs) Conclusion: thesis statement is reworded Conclusion: reviewing, coherent Conclusion: purposeful, smooth closing thought THINKING and INQUIRY /25 Effective body: presence of precise topic sentence; meaningful points, supportive proofs Effective body: logical, informative, persuasive explanations Effective body: incorporation of primary and secondary sources Effective body: correct citations and required quotations Effective body: coherent, unified content COMMUNICATION /25 Proper Writing Skills: spelling and punctuation Proper Writing Skills: grammar and sentence structure Proper Writing Skills: appropriate and consistent point of view (present tense, formal, third person) Proper Writing Skills: Quotations are integrated into the essay using context and lead in. Effective Vocabulary: absence of conjunctions, jargon, redundant language APPLICATION /20 Format: complete and correct submission format: neat, numbered, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 pt font, follows MLA documentation style, indented paragraphs Format: proper paraphrasing and quotation citation; clear understanding and application of MLA citation format. Format: proper use of punctuation and format of short or long quotations as per MLA citation rules. Format: proper works cited page TOTAL /100 Strengths Needs Improvement Next Steps Essay Comments Checklist: •A high number of spelling and/or grammatical errors. Thorough proofreading is required. •The main argument is unclear or underdeveloped. Try to directly answer the question with your thesis statement, or create a thesis statement which clearly and directly states your argument. •Poorly structured sentences; the words may be spelled correctly but they meaning of the sentence is hard to understand. Thorough proofreading is required. •Poorly structured paragraphs; the information in the paragraph is arranged in a way that makes it hard to understand. Review PPE essay paragraph format. •Poorly structured essay. Your essay needs to have clearly written paragraphs. This includes an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. You either have not included these or it is too difficult to tell these parts of your essay apart. •You have not provided the context for your quotation. You have a quotation, but you haven’t introduced the speaker or character. Remember that you need to tell your reader who or what your quotation is about before you begin quoting or paraphrasing your source material. •Insufficient evidence. Make sure that the proof you include actually shows your argument in action. Your proof should act as a demonstration of the thing you want to discuss. •Incorrect citation. Your evidence is complete but you have not included the author who wrote it or the page number you found it on. This is plagiarism. You must follow each quotation with a correct citation: e.g. (Smith 64). •Insufficient explanations. The explanation you provided either a) summarizes what happens in the quotation but does not expand on it and/or b) does not show the way in which your evidence is actually related to your subtopic and thesis. The purpose of including evidence is to use it to support a point you’re trying to make. Your explanation is the part of your essay which creates this connection. •Incorrect Works Cited Page. Your Works Cited page needs to include each of the sources you’ve used in your essay. It is either the case that you a) haven’t included all of these sources, b) have used incorrect punctuation when writing these sources and or c) have not properly formatted the page by placing the sources out of alphabetical order. •You have not followed MLA formatting. MLA formatting requires page numbers, a proper header and title for your work, correct citations and a correct and complete Works Cited page
Requirements: 1500 words