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When discussing development Billy’s mother reported that he was a happy baby. He was always willing to go to other family members with ease and was always happy to play with other children. Discussing Attachment, discuss Billy’s attachment based on what we know. What kind of attachment do we see? When discussing parenting Billy’s mother reported that up until the separation she and her husband were always on the same page. They felt that when a consequence was needed they would give an age appropriate one, ie; time out, sitting on his bed, no dessert. Since the separation Billy’s mother reported that she continues to set those same examples, however, his father has not been setting appropriate limits and consequences and Billy is often difficult to handle when he returns home from his fathers. What types of parenting styles, including theories from our text, and think would be the most appropriate for Billy? Also, discuss how this plays a role in Billy’s personality development including theorist. When Billy’s testing was done for his IEP his IQ came back at 100. Billy met all developmental timelines for language and mathematical skills. Based on what we know of Billy, how would you