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The purpose of this three-page essay is for students to explore and explain the various components of abnormal behavior, taking into consideration research, historical views, and faith integration. (CLO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). This Essay is worth up to 100 points. A successful essay will address the following areas: Introduction (1 paragraph): Briefly introduce the reader to the topic, using citations when necessary. Outline what will be covered in the paper. Literature Review: Components: In your own words, define each of the components and offer specific examples of each (cultural inappropriateness, subjective distress, psychological disability). Research: Discuss how research is useful in our understanding of abnormal behavior (ie., How do experimental studies, correlational studies, sampling, case studies or other aspects of research help shed light on what is viewed as normal/abnormal?) Be sure to offer specific examples. Historic Perspective: Select one historical perspective (ie., Demonology, Organic View, or Psychological View) that you believe explains best explains abnormal behavior. Describe your view and explain why it best explains abnormal behavior. Faith Integration (1-2 paragraphs): Share your personal perspective on how Christians can approach mental illness/abnormal behavior (How might Christians provide support for those who are suffering from mental illness? Can