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Carrie absolutely loves being the center of attention. She describes herself as a “true narcissist” and does all that she can to be the center of her social world. Unfortunately, due to her lack of education and training, Carrie is stuck in a low level position with little chance of promotion. As the years go by, Carrie starts to feel that her beauty is fading, and she describes herself as feeling empty. Around this time, her community experiences a series of bank robberies committed by a lone woman wearing dark sun glasses and a long black wig. Carrie is brought in for routine questioning by the police because she frequents one of the banks that has been robbed. To the surprise of even the police, Carrie confesses to the crime. She gives several interviews with the media and seems to enjoy the attention that she is receiving. Carrie’s confession quickly falls apart, when the police investigation determines that she could not have committed the bank robberies. The type of false confession that Carrie gave most closely matches a/an: A. Voluntary false confession B. Coerced-internalized false confession C. Primary false confession D. Coerced-compliant false confession