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review these two perspectives on aggression (both were included in lecture): Frustration Aggression Hypothesis Social Information Processing Be sure to use your own words in explaining the point of each perspective and be sure to explain how each perspective predicts aggressive behavior. And then, compare and contrast the two. Are they mutually exclusive? If yes, why are they, and if no, explain how they synergize. Use a real-world example to support your responses or just as examples for each of the two perspectives. For instance, in lecture, I think I recall talking about a dude knocking over a trash can in one case and talking about telling a joke with a group of friends at a bar in the other case. The examples don’t have to be Earth-shattering, is the point here. TO SUM UP: Review the perspectives on aggression using your own words Explain how each of them predicts aggression Compare and contrast Mutually exclusive? Explain your answer Use real-world examples