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Client centered therapy; emphasizes the importance of the client’s perceptions of their experience. (Abramowitz et al. 2022 pg 321) It is probable that clients may provide different data if surveyed immediately after a therapy session because they may not have internalized and applied the therapeutic practices to their lives as of yet, which can be translated as unsuccessful sessions results. Client’s may need time to reflect and inspect over time the value of therapy in order to respond to an in depth survey. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are constantly changing, the effectiveness of therapy for any period of time will vary. The goal of treatment is to improve clients’ functioning and so their opinion about their own progress is obviously important … but it is also biased (Abramowitz et al. 2022, pg 209 ) A client may have low/ high expectations from sessions, which can biasedly impact their experience. Therapy simply provides clients with tools on how to cope with their feelings, not cure the feelings of ie: depression. Determining the effectiveness of a treatment evidence based treatments on a diverse pool of population should be considered. The efficacy of a treatment refers to how well it performs in