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ibril strongly feels that coffee is unhealthy. He has done some research and has found that there is a correlation with drinking coffee and poor health among senior citizens, but his sources warn the correlation is likely not causal, and is more likely due to the age of the participants. In fact, they say that coffee may even improve health. Which of the following patterns of organizing his speech would be ethical for Jibril to use? Multiple choice question. Jibril should use a topical organization pattern, presenting the research findings as well as his own concerns which contradict the data. Jibril should use the chronological pattern, describing people consuming coffee for years and ending when they have health issues later in life. Jibril should use the cause-effect pattern naming coffee as the cause of health problems experienced by senior citizens.. Jibril should use the problem-solution pattern, depicting poor health among the elderly as the problem, and avoiding coffee as the solution.