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Article Writing Question

article writing multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

The Analytical Essay will be completed in six parts throughout this course. In this Part 1 of the
assignment, you will begin writing the Overview portion of the final Analytical Essay
assignment in which you describe an area of student affairs and a current issue related to that
area. This will provide the background and introductory information needed for your final
Analytical Essay.
To begin, determine the area of student affairs that most interests you. This will likely be where
you are employed or if you do not work in higher education student affairs, an area in which you
are interested in learning more. Identify a current issue related to this area of student affairs from
the media, your research, or that you observed in your professional practice that warrants further
investigation. This will be your research topic for the Analytical Essay.
Provide an overview of a functional area of student affairs and a current issue associated with
this area. This will eventually be the Overview section of your Analytical Essay final
assignment. This assignment should be 3 paragraphs in length.
 The first paragraph should be a brief (200 words) overview of your chosen area of
student affairs. Begin the paragraph with a topic sentence that gets the reader’s attention.
Describe the department structure, key employee positions (faculty/staff), and the
services offered by the area of student affairs chosen.
 The subsequent paragraph(s) should summarize the topic you have chosen and how it
relates to the area of student affairs described in the first paragraph. Begin the paragraph
with a topic sentence that gives an overview of the main idea of this paragraph. Cite at
least two sources in your second paragraph supporting that this is an issue that warrants
further research. Sources must include current peer-reviewed articles and/or news articles
published within the past five years. You may use the course textbook as a source, even
though it is older than five years.
A title page and references page are required. Current APA formatting must be evident
throughout all areas of the assignment. Citations and references should be included.

please use. this book as a reference

McClellan, G. S., & Stringer, J. (2016). The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration. Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Brand.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism. If. the report. is more than 2%. I will ask you. to redo
Requirements: Higher Education Analytical Essay