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Bias & Wellbeing in the Workplace Reflection

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answer the following QS
Requirements: see
Bias & Wellbeing in the Workplace Reflection Assignment
Complete all sections within this document. Save your answers and submit to Bias & Wellbeing in the Workplace Dropbox.
Review and complete the activities within the “Bias & Wellbeing in the Workplace” Power Point slides and provide substantive responses below:
Part 1. Revisit your answers from the self-reflection exercise on slide 10. Describe two ways that self-reflection can increase awareness of unconscious bias.
Part 2. Choose one method for building awareness of bias or addressing bias AND one dimension (colorful pieces) of the WMU Wellbeing Wheel. Share how the method of building awareness/addressing bias could enrich the chosen dimension of the Wellbeing Wheel.
Part 3. Consider the topic of environmental wellness in the workplace. Apply the practice of building awareness and addressing bias to a past or current professional setting. Describe any influence of bias on individuals, systems, and culture in that setting.
Part 4.  Select and reflect on a story from slide 11. Identify moments of inclusion and acceptance from the story. Explain how implementing these acts of inclusion and acceptance in the workplace would influence well-being for self and co-workers.