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Animals in My Environment – Inventory
Lab Exercise, Individual, 10 points
Please read the chapter about Animal Diversification in What is Life? A Guide to Biology before beginning this lab.
The purpose of this lab exercise is to demonstrate that animals are everywhere and there are a diversity of animals in your environment.
There are many different phyla of animals, and nine of the most common phyla are studied in the chapter about Animal Diversification.
1. For this lab exercise, go out into your neighborhood, community and/or campus and make an inventory of all the animals you encounter. If going out into your community is not possible, think about animals that you encounter when you have gone out into your community in the past. Talk with family and friends about animals in your environment. Your list should include at least 30 different animals.
2. Take pictures if possible, but if the animal is too small or moving too fast, pictures from the internet can be used. Your lab exercise should include 30 pictures. Points will be deducted if you do not have pictures of 30 different animals. Try to take at least 10 of the 30 pictures yourself, but if this is not possible, pictures from the internet can be used but you must clearly indicate that the picture is from the internet.
3. For each different animal, provide the common name of the animal and the phylum name for which it belongs, in addition to the picture Also include the location of the animal, for example: backyard in Huntsville, Texas or office in Dallas, Texas. An example: picture of cat. Common name: cat, Phylum name: Chordata, Location: outside in Huntsville, Texas. If it is a picture of my cat or a cat in my neighborhood, I can just include a location. If I know there are cats in my neighborhood but cannot get a picture, I need to get a picture from the web and clearly indicate that cats are in my environment in Huntsville, TX, but the picture is from the web. Points will be deducted if all of the information above is not provided.
4. Make a Powerpoint or Microsoft Word document with pictures, common name, phylum name and location. Another example: mosquito, Arthropoda, backyard in Huntsville, Texas – could be in a Powerpoint on its own or with other Arthopoda, or in a Word document. I would most likely need a picture from the web since it would be difficult to photograph a mosquito.
Some students have had trouble in the past with large file sizes. Grouping animals of the same phylum together on one powerpoint slide may help reduce file size. Below is a link to reduce the file size of each image which should help reduce the overall file size of the assignment:
Here is another link which advises users on how to reduce file sizes for both Word documents and PowerPoints:
If you do not know the name of the animal, but can identify the Phylum name of the animal, provide a description of the animal, phylum name and location:
For example: Unknown Arthopoda, size of quarter, long legs and can fly, SHSU campus, Huntsville, Texas.
How to submit this lab exercise: Submit this lab exercise as a Powerpoint or Microsoft Word document. This lab exercise is worth 10 points. Check the syllabus for the closing date. Your lab exercise will be evaluated by SafeAssign to check for plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in a grade of 0. Remember to identify pictures that are from the web.