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accounting question and need support to help me learn.

Excel Project 2:
Objective: This assignment will serve to get you acclimated to Excel, and also push you to analytically assess the internal CVP income statement.
>> Assume you are a CEO of your choice of a fake manufacturing company. List your variable vs fixed costs, and create an internal CVP income statement for the current year. Let your creative juices flow, but make sure the examples you use are in line with the nature of your company. The only requirements are:
1. Use the template provided to record your answers Bus Adm 202 – Excel Project 2 – TEMPLATE.xlsx
Download Bus Adm 202 – Excel Project 2 – TEMPLATE.xlsx
2. Use any numbers you like, as long as the totals / calculations flow properly
3. Show your work
Hint: You may use your same company from Excel Project 1.

File Format: Projects must be submitted using an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) and if a different file
format is used (such as PDF or a Numbers file), the project will be considered missing and
subject to a grade reduction up to the full value of the assignmen

Requirements: one day