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BUS 245 final

business project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

You will submit a complete Visual Studio project written using the programming language Visual Basic ( You should
include all files used to create the program. The file should be submitted as a .zip file.
Step ONE: Review
You will create a program that can be used in a business setting. Some suggestions might be to create a program
• to create a timecard for the week
• a calculator program such as a loan calculator,
• a program that organizes business contacts, or
• a daily, weekly, or monthly task manager.
Do not limit yourself to these suggestions, there are many other programs that you could create.
Review the Visual Studio download and installation video located in Module 1.
Use the following references to aid you in creating your project:
 Database Design – 2nd Edition by Adrienne Watt and Nelson
Eng –…
 Visual Basic (VB.NET) – Full Course for Beginners (Video – Includes instructions for how to use Visual Studio)

Step TWO: Complete the Project
Your program should include all the following:
 Declare and initialize variables
 Variables should be appropriately named
 Add comments to explain the use of each variable
 The user should have to enter at least three different values. Each of these values should be assigned to variables.
Graphical User Interface
 Your program should have at least three different types of features. Some examples include,
o Label
o Textbox
o Radio Button
o Checkbox
o List box
o Multicolumn list box
o Checked list box
o Combo box
Graphical User Interface
 Your program should output at least one value to the user.
Additional Requirements:
• The application should use
• at least one data structure such as an array,
• conditional statements (if, If…else),
• loops (While, Do, For, or For Each),
• at least one event handler,
Step THREE: Document Your Source Code
Your source code should include comments to document the program.
MSDN: Comments in Code (Visual Basic)
Step FOUR: Test the Program Functionality
You should thoroughly debug and test your program.
Step FIVE: Submit Your Work
 Your completed final assessment documents should be submitted through the Final Assessment link of your competency.
 Your project should be complete (include all files and folders).
 Your Final Assessment should be a .zip file.

We can do an easy one. I think • to create a timecard for the week is the easiest. Doesn’t say I have to put my name but if It does let me know. Let me know if more time is needed.
Requirements: complete project