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Business Question

business report and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

I am doing a research for a waste water treatment company, that treats water from swere outflows and storm backups before it is sent to the river. we are looking for a competitors and comparables. We are not looking for companies with big treatment plants or big known companies. We are looking for companies with a small pilot with high Treatment centralize system on site industrial treatment that treats BOD, BOD or COD & Solids, COD, Total Residual Chlorine, Chloride) we are a start up company and we want to look for companies who are startups as well. Company that are less than 10 years in the business.

I want to do a research of 3-6 pages of any companies out there who were start up companies then they sold or got a fund from someone and they grow.
i want the name of the company. What do they do? How much they sold for if possible anything like that.

Also, another a list of companies that are still a start up even if they didn’t get funded but they are working with the pilot system has a machine and this pilot system can be planted like underground to treat water.

An example of a company I want you to talk about

BIOCLENS® Lens Supply

Their product is called bioclens lens supply. Talk about it
i need at least 8-10 companies. Focus on companies who are startups and got funded.

talk about their product and who are the investors and when the company started and what do the treat.

I tip later depending on work.

Requirements: Anything as long as covers everything