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Business Question

business exercise and need support to help me learn.

Log into GMU BB( the first time it will send me a code to authenticate- PLEASE REACH OUT if you cant get in )
Go to courses
OSCM 493
Module 8
Module 8 connect assignments
Complete ALL (these are all searchable online and quick to do)
once completed. go back to Module 8
complete the assignment “Special Assignment: Complete PERT Problem” using the connect textbook
You are to complete Execise 2 on page 252 in your printed textbook named Global Tea and Organic Juice. Please note that page numbers might be different in the e-book.
You are required to submit a memo with the answers to the five questions asked. You must also submit an mpp file and excel file that support your reply. You should use MS Project to develop the network and determine critical path/project duration.