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CIS 606 Week 3

data analytics question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

The goal of this assignment is to practice data wrangling techniques with two datasets.
You will be working with two datasets:
1) Use one of those datasets:
Kansas City Crime DataLinks to an external site.…
Medicare UtilizationLinks to an external site.…
Chicago Taxi Trip HistoryLinks to an external site.…
2) I addition pick any publicly available dataset that may be combined with a dataset of your choice from the list above.
As we learned that the wrangling techniques may differ depending on the goal of future analysis.
3) Come up with a specific analytical question that can be theoretically answered with the combination of one the datasets listed above and another public dataset that you’ve identified.
4) Conduct the appropriate data wrangling that will help to prepare both datasets or their combination for data analysis keeping in mind the analysis question. Use either Python or SAS. For more information on the latter, see these SAS instructionsLinks to an external site..
Submit a short Word description of the steps you have been following and the rationale behind each of them in respect to the choice of the solutions and their connection to the question.
Also, attach the processed dataset(s) and Python or SAS script that has been used.
Requirements: whatever amount is needed