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Communications Question

communications presentation and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

I have attached everything needed to complete this assignment. All the exact steps are in the attached files. This assignment should not include plagiarism please. thank you
Requirements: 1250 to 1500 words
Hi Landal,
1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Website 1: *Add Website Name Here*
2.1 Logistics
2.2 Persuasiveness of Content
2.3 Visual Layout/Presentation
3.0 Website 2: *Add Website Name Here*
3.1 Logistics
3.2 Persuasiveness of Content
3.3 Visual Layout/Presentation
4.0 Website 3: *Add Website Name Here*
4.1 Logistics
4.2 Persuasiveness of Content
4.3 Visual Layout/Presentation
5.0 Conclusions
Using Rating Scale rubric, score your three websites using the table below.
6.0 Recommendations
Complete the form below to provide the administrative details of your submission.
End of Assignment #3 Form
CMN 279 Introduction to Professional CommunicationAssignment #3 CUSTOMIZED WRITING GUIDEAssignment Parameters and RequirementsPART 1 of 3:Assignment #3 Form and Content Tips PART 2 of 3:Submission StepsPART 3 of 3:Assignment Parameters and RequirementsSection #1 of 3:Fall 2023 – Assignment #3 GuidePage 1 of 7 ELM #3 (2%)LOs 1 to 9ELM #4 (2%)LOs 1 to 16Yardstick Form(16%)++Assignment #3 (20%)
Assignment #3 Form and Content Tips PART 2 of 3:Our Assignment #3 Form contain the following sections:❏Email Header❏1.0 Executive SummaryNote: Word count entry required.❏2.0 Website 1❏2.1 Logistics❏2.2 Persuasiveness of ContentNote: Word count entry required.❏2.3 Visual Layout/PresentationNote: Word count entry required.❏3.0 Website 2❏3.1 Logistics❏3.2 Persuasiveness of ContentNote: Word count entry required.❏3.3 Visual Layout/PresentationNote: Word count entry required.❏4.0 Website 3❏4.1 Logistics❏4.2 Persuasiveness of ContentNote: Word count entry required.❏4.3 Visual Layout/PresentationNote: Word count entry required.❏Conclusions❏Recommendations❏Administrative Information: Total Word Count CalculationsFall 2023 – Assignment #3 GuidePage 2 of 7
Customize the template name.Delete the blue text and add the appropriate details.Write your 1.0 Executive Summary last.Fall 2023 – Assignment #3 GuidePage 3 of 7
One paragraph with 3-6 sentences.ORA one sentence introduction to the list below.●Logos: 1-2 sentences with specific examples from the website.●Ethos: 1-2 sentences with specific examples from the website.●Pathos: 1-2 sentences with specific examples from the website.Note: You can add a screenshot to enhance your explanations.Figure 1: TMU’s Vice-President, Equity, and Community Page (Screenshot Source: TMU) Remember to mention the figure in the written section of the analysis.Fall 2023 – Assignment #3 GuidePage 4 of 7
Figure 1: TMU’s Vice-President, Equity, and Community Page (Screenshot Source: TMU) You can customize your screenshots with shapes, text boxes, and arrows.Video with Toni De Mello (VP, Equity and Community Inclusion) communicating key priorities: partnerships, community consultations, and student/staff/faculty. NOTE: Though adding a screenshot is optional for the “Persuasiveness of Content” sections, aim to add a screenshot for your “Visual Layout/Presentation” sections as it’ll enrich your rationale.TIP: Refer to ELM 4’s LOs when writing your “Visual Layout/Presentation” analysis.Fall 2023 – Assignment #3 GuidePage 5 of 7
Tip: ELM 3’s LO 2 can be useful for your 4.0 section.Fall 2023 – Assignment #3 GuidePage 6 of 7
Submission StepsPART 3 of 3:Submit your file as a PDF on D2L. You’ll receive an email confirmation from D2L after uploading your assignment. Keep this email confirmation for your records.ELM #3 (2%)LOs 1 to 9ELM #4 (2%)LOs 1 to 16A D2L submission is not required for your ELM #3 and ELM #4. Simply complete ELM #3 (LO 1-9) and ELM #4 (LO 1-16) by Friday, November 3 at 3:00 PM on Ametros.Fall 2023 – Assignment #3 GuidePage 7 of 7 End of Handout
Assignment #3: Yardstick Report Email (20%)Extended Due Date to Friday, November 3, 2023 at 3:00 PM Word Count: 1250 to 1500 Words (+/- 100 Words)Assignment Situation and TaskFor Assignment #3, students will research how other companies are communicating their EDI values. Students are to download their Assignment #3 form to create their yardstick report to (1) assess* three websites which strongly communicate their EDI values and (2) recommend one of the websites for Monarchy to model.*Students will assess the websites based on (1) persuasiveness of content (including logos, ethos, and pathos) and (2) visual layout/presentation.Note: Assignment #3 is an individual evaluation. ELM #3 and ELM #4 must be submitted by 3 PM on November 3 for grading (late submissions will not be graded). Assignment #3 (yardstick report email form) will be accepted up to five days late. However, both ELM #3 and ELM #4 must be completed prior to submitting Assignment #3.Assignment #3 Grading CriteriaThe Assignment #3 submissions will be assessed with the criteria outlined below. Organization of Ideas (15%)Effective layout and organization which uses the provided form and completes the required information. Carefully organizes sentences and paragraphs with smooth transitions.Writing Mechanics and Style (20%)Contains minimal errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and other mechanics. Uses logical, concise, and unbiased language. Incorporates effective word choice connecting explanations to each form section.Executive Summary (5%)Provides a thorough overview of the yardstick report analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. Analysis of Three Websites (50%)Clearly evaluates each website based on its persuasiveness of content (by making specific connections to logos, ethos, and pathos) and visual layout/presentation with specific examples from the selected websites. Connections to ELM #3’s and ELM #4’s teachings are also incorporated into the analysis.Recommendations (10%)Transparently recommends one website for Monarchy to model and effectively justifies the recommendation presented by logically explaining how the selected website’s EDI communication strategies can used by Monarchy.CMN 279 Introduction to Professional CommunicationOnline Version | Fall 2023CMN 279 Introduction to Professional Communication (Online Version)Assignment #3 for Fall 2023 – Page 1 of 1