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Decisions, and Reasoning 3500

writing case study and need a reference to help me learn.

comment about this topic with 6 sentences Decisions, and Reasoning and comment on the 2 classmates opinion with 5 senseses

classmate 1-Per usual, I chose to discuss something that peaked my interest this week in our readings. Chapter 13 is titled Judgement, Decisions, and Reasoning which immediately got my attention because this is something I think about a lot since I work with high school aged children, who sometimes make some off the wall choices and decisions that show their lack of poor judgement, decision making, and reasoning skill. In chapter 13 it discussed how emotions affect decisions. I feel like this is accurate for all ages of people, and even myself. It talked about ‘expected emotions’ where someone is predicting the emotion they will have to a particular situation which will in result give a negative or unwanted outcome, but, the role is reversed when there is a positive emotion, there will be a better or positive outcome.
Goldstein, E. B. (2018). Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research, and Everyday Experience (5th ed.). Cengage Limited.

classmate 2
-Inductive reasoning caught my attention this week because it is frequently used to make judgments. It has often been used in making judgments; for example, it feels cold outside, so it must be coldoute. Inductive reasoning doesn’t mean that the conclusions are precisely correct but that they are possibly true (Goldstein, 2019). So, our judgments can be based on this reasoning by drawing on generalized conclusions (Goldstein, 2019). I have seen children be more vocal about their inductive reasoning when asking them why they believe something is how it is. My son, for example, likes to tell me that he isn’t made for the cold because he has lived in Florida too long and hasn’t experienced the cold much.
Goldstein, E. B. (2019). Cognitive psychology: Connecting mind, research, and everyday experience (5th ed.). Cengage.
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