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Education & Teaching Question

education & teaching project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Task 1
This task requires you to think about methods for creating education partnerships between families and teachers. Imagine that you are in charge of staff training for an early childhood education program. It’s the beginning of a school year and you need to train teachers to create strong and active educational partnerships with families.
Create a training PowerPoint that will help teachers understand how their classrooms can be more “family friendly.”
Your training PowerPoint should be detailed and help teachers recognize what steps should be taken to create a school/home partnership.
Make sure to consider families with diverse needs.
Feel free to use information from the reading and conduct internet research on creating family partnerships.
Make sure to include a reference page to cite information utilized from other sources.
Task 2
This task focuses on creating educational environments for young children. Make sure to think about what you learned in earlier modules.
Create or draw a detailed floor plan for your ideal early childhood education classroom. Include a four to five paragraph paper that describes the room you designed, justification for your arrangement and how the environments will aid learning/development of children. At a minimum, your classroom floor plan should include the following
Seating arrangement
Learning centers
Teacher’s desk
When building your classroom, make sure to use environment information presented in the Module 5 reading. Don’t forget the theoretical trends from early childhood education theories.
Requirements: 7 or more slides for PowerPoint 5 paragraph paper part 2