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English Question

english discussion question and need support to help me learn.

Writing Task
Write 200-300 words in which you discuss how you understood and interpreted either Celeste Ng’s “How to Be Chinese” or Helena Maria Viramontes’s “Miss Clairol” (both were provided as pdfs in page 12.1), using specific terms describing elements of fiction, such as structure, imagery, symbolism, point of view, setting, character, and theme.
In your writing here, try to smoothly and grammatically integrate at least THREE quotationsfrom your chosen story into your own writing.
As we do for all discussions, after posting, REPLY to at least two other classmates by using thoughtful, respectful language to refer to a specific point made in the classmate’s post and then connecting with your own points. (Each reply should be 3-5 sentences to receive credit.)
Requirements: 200-300 words