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Video Essay Assignment
For this assignment, you will create and submit an original current events video essay in which you discuss and assess a news article. You can use your phone to record and edit the video essay. While it can include any amount of visual or video footage, it must contain your vocal narration.
This assignment is intended to ensure students are aware of the broader issues of race/ethnicity, crime and justice in American society. The criminal justice system and issues that undergird it are constantly evolving. Thus, students should be reading across different kinds of mediums (news articles, television and legislative mandates) to remain aware of the issues facing policy-makers and criminal justice practioners.
The current events video must meet the following criteria:
Each student must create a video that does not exceed 2 minutes.
The video must be related to a crime and justice topic (new legislations, arrests, sentencing, law enforcement, use of force, opioid crisis, etc.) and can be at the local, state, or national level.
The news article that you discuss must be from a credible published source (New York Times, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, etc). The source can include local new papers like the News and Observer in Raleigh, NC.
The article must be published within the last 5 years and cannot be editorial pieces or blogs.
In the video you must do the following:
Cite the source of the news article
Provide a brief summary of the article in your own words
Explain how the article relates to the subject of criminal justice & social diversity
Explain how the issues discussed in the article impacts society
You are encouraged to include video footage or images of the news topic in the video
Videography Options and How to Start:
Advanced videography skills of film editing is not required for this assignment; a simple recording from your mobile phone will suffice.
However, if you are inclined to do so, you are welcome to deliver all or part of your article explanation as a voice-over, using relevant news and media footage that exemplifies the issue.
It is recommended that you write and edit your script prior to recording.
Be concise and to the point: depending on how fast you speak, a two-minute presentation consists of approximately 250-300 words (roughly the same length as a discussion post)
Have fun with the assignment, and choose a topic that is meaningful to you.
To submit your video:
Upload your video in the body of a discussion post. Click “attach” (the icon of the paper clip) and search for the video on your computer. Keep in mind that the maximum size of the allowable uploads on Blackboard Ultra is 2500 mb. You may need to convert the video to another format in order to upload. Alternatively, you can upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo or Kaltura and embed the link.
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