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Module 2 Reaction Paper
This assignment intends to foster synthesis of your learning, critical engagement with the readings, and connection to your personal work and societal experiences.
To complete the assignment, follow these steps:
Read the readings for the week.
Review the Reaction Paper Assignment in the Assignments Overview area.
Answer the question: “According to the readings, what were the sources of classes, forced labour and capitalism? What were the benefits of slavery, feudalism, and capitalism, and what are the negatives of each labour system?”
Module 2 Required Materials
Read, watch, and/or listen to the required readings and resources before beginning this module’s assignments and activities.
Aristotle’s Politics Sections 1.3 – 1.7, On the necessity of slavery.
Richard B. Morris, Government and Labor in Early America, “Compulsory Labor” 1946
Taylor, Frederick Winslow. “Principles of Scientific Management/Art of Shoveling (1912) especially on pig-iron shovelers (halfway down the webpage, start from the paragraph that begins: “For example, the average man would question whether there is much of any science in the work of shoveling.”):
“Dec. 30, 1936: First Sit-Down Strike Begins in Flint – Zinn Education Project.” Zinn Education Project
“After Capitalism Powerpoint” Online University of the Left
“What Does It Mean to Be a Manager Today?” Harvard Business Review, 15 Apr. 2021,
Rushe, Dominic. “US Bosses Now Earn 312 Times the Average Worker’s Wage, Figures Show.” The Guardian, 16 Aug. 2018
6 Facts About Economic Inequality in the U.S. Pew Research Center, 7 Feb. 2020/
Women in mining (PBS)
“ The Lawrence Textile Strike” (1955) – Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
Bill Moyers Essay: The United States of Inequality [Website video] 11 Apr. 2013,
Who Harms the Economy? [Instagram clip] 12/27/2022
Consumerism, Goods, and Experiences
Requirements: 2 PAGES