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Health & Medical Question

health & medical multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Evidence-Based Practice Assignment

Evidence-based practice allows the nursing student to systematically use the best available evidence with the integration of clinical expertise, as well as the client’s values and preferences, in making clinical decisions. The purpose of this assignment will allow the nursing student to discuss the competencies of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN).


· Visit the QSEN website and review the Evidence Based Practice section of the QSEN Competencies (

· Identify two attitudes related to evidence-based practice in which the nursing student will seek personal growth.

· Reflect on what you learned from the assignment and how it will impact your practice in the future.

· Your paper must use APA format and include a minimum of 2 pages excluding title and references pages.

· Double space your paper and use Times New Roman standard 12-point, 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial, and 10-point Lucida Sans Unicode font.

· Proofread your paper. Submit your paper to “Turn-it-in.”

· A minimum of two (2) references must be used. The two references will include the required class textbook and at least one outside scholarly source (ex. journal article).

· Due Sunday 11:59 pm, week 8.

· Be prepared to discuss in class in week 8.

Course Student Learning Outcome Address (CSLOs)

2. Explain the interrelationships among theory, practice, and research to improve safety and quality healthcare.

End of Program Student Learning Outcomes Address (EOPSLOs)

7. Use evidence-based practices to guide health teaching, health counseling, screening, outreach, disease and outbreak investigation, referral, and follow-up throughout the lifespan
Requirements: 4pgs