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History Question

history writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Assessment Instructions:
Paper 2 Final Draft
Purpose of this Assessment
To assess your foundational knowledge of United States history (ELO)
To promote critical thinking
To give you more experience as critical readers & historically mindedscholars (ELO)
To practice your written and analytical communication skills (an ELO)
Many Americans, especially abolitionists, found slave narratives, such as those by Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, and Solomon Northrup to be extremely insightful. Not only did they provide detailed, first-hand accounts of the peculiar institution, but they shattered the myth of paternalism and recounted the grim horrors of life in bondage.
Bearing these ideas in mind, I would like you to write a 750-1000 word (3+ page) essay about the negative impacts of slavery on American society.
The peculiar institution destroyed countless lives—both white and black. Provide a thoughtful overview of the various mal effects of slavery on ALL of American society, enslaved, slave owner, and/or non-slave owner. Then make a persuasive argument for what you think was the most detrimental aspect of slavery on American society.
You MUST include evidence from AT LEAST 3 of the following 4 sources:
Frederick Douglass Excerpts
Henry Bibb, Narrative excerpts (GTTS, Chapter 10)
Solomon Northrup, Twelve Years a Slave, excerpts (GTTS, Chapter 10)
Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, excerpts (GTTS, Chapter 10))
In addition to the above, you MUST include evidence from AT LEAST 2 of the following 6 sources:
Boston King, “Choosing Sides”
Jefferson’s Secret Life
Jefferson on the African Race
From: William Lloyd Garrison et al, “Who is to Blame?” – responses to Nat Turner’s Rebellion
Nat Turner, A Slave Insurrection
William Lloyd Garrison, Who is To Blame?
James Henry Hammond, Defending Slavery
Please write a 750-1000 word (3+ page) essay about the negative impacts of slavery on American society. This Essay should include
A Creative Title
A Clear and Effective Thesis Statement that conveys your argument
Clear and Effective Topic Sentences that help prove your Thesis and Identify the arguments presented in each paragraph
At least 2 pieces of Evidence (quotes, facts, details, paraphrasing, etc.) in each paragraph
Proper Citations (Chicago or Parenthetical)
An ANALYTICAL Conclusion.
Your conclusion should answer the SO WHAT question. Why does this matter? What do we learn from this? What is the lasting legacy? OR, What happens after?
The Use of AI (Chat GPT, etc.) is NOT allowed for this paper