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History Question

history writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

There are Three options… must respond to TWO of them: Make sure you add Mr. Rogers favorite words in your essay
Option #1: The pros and cons of imperialism: Imperialism Assignment.docxDownload Imperialism Assignment.docx
Option #2: Margaret Sanger’s Crusade: SangerQuestions.docxDownload SangerQuestions.docx
SangerP1-1.pdf Download SangerP1-1.pdf
SangerP2.pdfDownload SangerP2.pdf
Option #3: Map Study ( the maps are posted under “announcements”): MapStudyAssignmentUSExpansion1865-1917His122.docxDownload MapStudyAssignmentUSExpansion1865-1917His122.docx
Requirements: full essay
Imperialism Assignment
As the U.S. entered the age of expansion (taking and ruling colonies) in the late 1800s and early 1900s, two groups emerged with markedly different views on how the U.S. should proceed: the Imperialists, who favored overseas expansion, and the Anti-Imperialists, who opposed the U.S becoming an overseas power. Summarize the events which led up to the U.S. gaining overseas territory then describe the arguments offered by each group then offer your opinion on who was right with an explanation.
Keys to Success:
Use the first sentence above as your topic sentence
Re-read Chapter 18
Review the power point notes on expansion
How did futurist historian H.G. Wells describe the significance of Sanger’s movement? What
does this mean?
How did the experiences of Sanger’s mother motivate her to address women’s health?
Did all women have access to reproductive information in the early 20th century? Explain.
By what means did Margaret Sanger defy church and state?
Why did Sanger flee to Europe and how did this benefit her cause?
What happened to the law suit against Sanger and how did she intensify her cause?
What decisions were made in 1965, 1972 & 1973 to enhance the rights of women?
What examples of violence occurred in the battle of fetal life?
What is eugenics and what position did Sanger take on it?
How did Margaret Sanger lead by examples?