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IT Project

cyber security discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

This is a project. And all answers should be solved as instructions written.
Requirements: Requirements are in the document
Description and Instructions
Project Description:
This project is an opportunity for you to practice your knowledge and skills by assessing the actual information security practice in Saudi companies/organizations based on the information security capability maturity model (ISCMM).
Total Marks = 14
Group Size = 2- 3 members.
Each student must visit a chosen company/organization to interview a cybersecurity representative (i.e., each group should have two or three filled checklists based on the number of team members).
You should answer the questions in this research activity as a group.
One group member (group leader) should submit all files: Project Report and Presentation Slides on Blackboard. Marks will be given based on your submission and the quality of the content.
Project Report
Each Project Report will be evaluated according to the marking criteria in each question section.
Grading Criteria:

Information Security capability maturity (ISCMM) levels
For this project, you will use the following levels of the information security capability maturity model (ISCMM) as guiding principles for your journey to assess the maturity of the chosen company/organization regarding information security.
Question One
Use the following checklist to fill out during the meeting with the chosen company/organization cybersecurity representative. Provide the filled checklists for each team member.
Question Two
Summarize the key findings of your participating companies/organizations in light of ISCMM levels. (Maximum 250 words).
Question Three
From your point of view, what are the main recommendations for participating companies/organizations to upgrade their level in ISCMM.