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Journal Club Presentation and Discussion (

public health presentation and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Journal Club Presentation and Discussion (worth 50 points): The purpose of the journal clubs is to develop analytical skills on literature review, evidence-based practice, and identifying validity of studies, in addition to developing students’ public health communication skills. Student groups may either be assigned peer-reviewed articles or tasked to find one with approval by the instructor prior to presentation. Students are expected to use the guidelines (posted on Canvas) to provide a 25-minute presentation and lead an additional 10-minute online class discussion (visual aids are not required but recommended to demonstrate efficacy of oral presentation skills). Each member of the group must present and will be evaluated (graded) independently. This is a professional presentation and as such attire and mannerism will be evaluated as well (since class is online, you will turn on your cameras during the presentation).
If a student misses’ class during journal club presentation or participation, a valid emergency supported by a note from approved individuals (such as healthcare professionals) within 1 week is required. Those missing points due to valid excuse will be required to complete a makeup assignment provided by the instructor.
Your group is to provide the following in your presentation:
1) Critical Appraisal that includes:
Aim of the study
Can we trust the method
Can we trust the results
What are the results
How can you use the results
2) Therefore, you will used the following format to present those elements:
Study Aims
What’s been done before
Any study gaps
Why important
MethodsQuestions we ask…and be sure to add in critiques
Does the study design answer the research question
Who is the study population? inclusion/exclusion criteria? Are they appropriate? Any selection bias?
Definitions? How do they define the measures or outcomes? Intervention? Or clinical conditions
Outcomes are the clinically important
What type of data did they collect? How did they collect it? Were there any issues
Describe descriptive and inferential statistics
Describe the sample; look at the demographic table
Present findings from both figures and tables and the main body of results for interpretations
Are the results statistically significant
Provide key findings
How did the author link their study findings to others?
Do other studies support these findings? Why or why not? And why?
Implications of the study? What’s next?
Strengths & Limitations of the study? And how they authors overcome these limitations?
What’s the generalizability of this study?
References in APA format
Quality of presentation- Materials provided should be well written and well constructed. I expect students will utilize correct grammar and usage, have good overall structure and flow in their presentation, and that products will be easy to follow. I expect students to ensure that no spelling errors or typos are present prior to submission. Descriptions will need to be brief given the presentation layout. Thoughtful articulation and justification of choices in clear and concise language is an important skill for health educators.
Note: I HAVE SHARED MY JOURNAL ARTICLE IN THE ATTACHED FILE EVEN ALSO SHARED THE PPT INSTRUCTION DRAFT PPT ATTACHED FILE. (Please follow the rules the way professor asked. one ,ore thing, make the ppt the way actually professor asked. if you have any confusion please text me for each and every simple question.)