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Literature Question

literature project and need support to help me learn.

Book Journal Assignment Details
Children’s Literature
Book journals
The following genres will be covered during the semester and you are responsible for 5 books from each journal.
 Picture Books
 Poetry
 Fantasy
 Folktale
 Award Winners (Caldecott and Newberry)
Title:Title here – in italics
Author: Author here
Illustrator: Illustrator here
Summary: Eight to Ten-sentence summary of the book here.
Illustrations: Five sentences or so describing the illustrations in the book. Talk about color, media,
location of pictures, etc. Include anything unique or notable.
Notable Information: List any awards or anything else of interest here.
Using this book: How could this book be used with children? Include some ideas of your own, or search the
book’s title and “lesson plans” for ideas. After your discussions with your group, add their
ideas here, too.
Copy and paste web links for any information you found here.