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LMC 2400 750-1000 words

communications writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Discuss one or two key aspects of film theory that we covered in our readings (from Benjamin, Bazin, Mulvey, etc.) and how it might apply to a contemporary form of digital media (for instance, VR, YouTube, Tiktok, or streaming platforms). Please use two readings to support your argument.
Ian Bogost argues that videogames can be understood as a persuasive medium. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss Bogost’s theory in relation to one videogame of your choice, using Bogost and one other author from our readings to support your argument.
Use the lens of queerness, gender, or race (or perhaps a combination of them) to analyze a film, TV show, or game of your choice. How does this lens help us understand the meaning of the artifact? Please use two readings from the syllabus to support your argument. (For instance, you might use Mulvey to analyze gender, Halberstam to analyze queerness, or Pickens to analyze race). If necessary, one of your readings may be from our previous unit in the syllabus, but you must use at least one reading from this unit in the syllabus . due tmr
Requirements: 750 words min.