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managnment of information systems

management project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

The project is worth 15 marks
Please answer the following 3 questions. Each question is worth 5 marks
Q1 What unique value does blockchain technology and cloud computing bring to Alibaba’s remittance offering?
Q2 Map out Alibaba’s IT infrastructure (as presented in the case) You can use a diagram, a drawing or a sketch.
Q3 Explain what is meant by “network effects” and “ecosystem”. Explain how Alibaba uses network economics and creates an ecosystem to its advantage.
Please note:
1) When answering the questions, make sure to support your arguments with case data AND draw on concepts / frameworks from the course. Descriptive answers with no analysis will attract low marks.
2) There is no word limit for any of the answers. Make sure you answer the questions completely and comprehensively. Overall, your case analysis should not exceed 1500 words.
3) Do NOT draw on the information from outside the case (e.g., what happened next, etc.) You are encouraged, however, to draw on academic articles / frameworks. Please reference these works appropriately.
4) Students answers showing a high degree of similarity as shown by SafeAssign will receive a fail grade and will be referred to the Chair / Head of School for misconduct.
The marking rubric for the case analysis will be posted later.
Requirements: 1500 words