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NURS 461: Pediatric.

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Requirements: detailed.
School of Nursing
Trinity Washington University
NURS 461 Pediatric Nursing
Well Child Developmental Assessment Paper
The purpose of this assignment is for you to assess a child’s growth and development and to identify factors that might affect these processes. You will submit a written summary of your assessment, including physiologic and psychosocial assessment data, goals for the child and family, interventions, and recommendations. The paper must be in APA format and include a minimum of three references from scholarly sources.
Identify a well-child (newborn to 14 years of age) and include the following information in your assessment.
Growth parameters: age, gender, length/height (cm), weight (kg), head circumference (if applicable for child’s age), BMI, and growth chart percentages for height, weight, head circumference, and BMI. Note if any changes from previous parameters.
Health history: include health history, chronic illnesses, birth history (if applicable), vaccines, medications, etc. Note if child is seen by specialist, behind on vaccinations, etc.
Nutrition: 24 hour diet recall, note if deficiencies in child’s diet (refer to or AAP guidelines).
Developmental status: What developmental stages is the child in? What developmental milestones has the child achieved? Are there deficiencies in the child’s development? (see Ages and Stages website or Bright Futures for appropriate developmental milestones for age, consider Freud/Eriksson, etc.)
Family: who lives in the home? What type of environment does the family reside in? Does the child receive any care outside the home? If yes, how does it affect the child and the family? What type of child care does the child receive (i.e. daycare, in-home care, nanny, school, etc.)
Identify safety issues: identify age appropriate safety concerns in the home, daycare, school, etc. (i.e. guns in the home, helmets while riding bikes or skateboards, safety modifications to the home, etc.)
Review age appropriate anticipatory guidance for the child and family.
Health teaching concepts: Given the child’s health history/developmental assessment, what might you review with the child and family? (For example, asthma action plan, how to use a spacer, nutritional, oral health).
Interventions and recommendations: based upon the developmental, health, and family assessment you completed, include at least 2 nursing diagnoses and interventions/recommendations for each.