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Nursing Question

nursing multi-part question and need a reference to help me learn.

Requirements: 3 pg
Name:_______ Faculty Name:__________________________ Date:_11/02/2023____________
Management of Care: providing and directing nursing care that enhances the care delivery setting to protect clients and health care personnel.
Related content includes but is not limited to: Advance Directives. Advocacy, Assignment, Delegation and Supervision, Case Management, Client Rights, Collaboration with Interdisciplinary Team, Concepts of Management, Confidentiality/Information Security, Continuity of Care, Establishing Priorities, Ethical Practice, Informed Consent, Information Technology, Legal Rights and Responsibilities, Performance Improvement (Quality Improvement), Referrals
Safety and Infection Control: protecting clients and health care personnel from health and environmental hazards.
Related content includes but is not limited to: Accident/Error /Injury Prevention, Emergency Response Plan, Ergonomic Principles, Managing Hazardous and Infectious Materials, Home Safety, Reporting of Incident/Event/Irregular, Occurrence/Variance, Safe Use of Equipment, Security Plan, Standard Precautions/Transmission- Based Precautions/Surgical Asepsis, Use of Restraints/Safety Devices
Basic Care and Comfort: providing comfort and assistance in the performance of activities of daily living.
Related content includes but is not limited to: Assistive devices, Elimination, Mobility/Immobility, Non-Pharmacological Comfort Interventions, Nutrition and Oral Hydration, Personal Hygiene, Rest