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Object Oriented Programming

programming project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Unified Modeling Language (UML) and applying your knowledge to build a small Java application based on a real-world scenario. The case study revolves around developing a taxi booking system with specific requirements for customer registration, trip booking, and driver management. This will show your ability to model the system using UML diagrams and implement it in Java.
Case Study
A taxi company intends to create an online service for customers to book trips and for taxi drivers to manage their upcoming trips. The system should include a database to store customer data, trip information, and driver details. Key functionalities include customer registration, trip booking, and driver assignment, all accessible through a graphical user interface.
A. UML Diagrams
Create a UML Class Diagram that illustrates the essential classes and their relationships in the taxi booking system, considering entities such as customers, trips, and drivers. You must have a minimum Use Case Diagram(s) that outlines the various use cases for customers and drivers, including customer registration, trip booking, and driver management.
B. Java Application
Provide the basic structure of a Java application based on the UML diagrams designed in part A.. Ensure that your application adheres to the specified requirements in the case study scenario.
Implement classes, methods, and data structures to represent customers, trips, and drivers within your Java application.
Develop a graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate customer registration, trip booking, and driver management.
Implement the logic to ensure that each trip is assigned to exactly one driver, and drivers cannot have overlapping trips.
Create functionalities for viewing upcoming trips, canceling trips, and confirming new trip bookings.
Requirements: Project