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phil project

english project and need support to help me learn.

Requirements: N/A | .doc file
Due Date: Thursday, November 30th class time
Worth 60 points
In Shelbi Meissner’s essay “Teaching Reciprocity: Gifting and Land-Based Ethics in Indigenous Philosophy” she explains that reciprocity is the heart of Indigenous philosophy. This project is an exercise in practicing reciprocity. Involved in reciprocity is the mutual gift-giving and gift-receiving between relationships of kinship, where kinship is understood broadly. 
We’ve received numerous gifts from the essays we’ve read this semester. You’ve been asked to rank your favorite readings this semester. Based on this information, you have been grouped with your classmates based on shared interests. This project asks you and your group to create a symbolic gift for the essay you selected as your favorite. This gift must be something you and your group created. It can be a poem, painting, a musical recording, a performance, etc. Please come to a consensus about what the creative project is with the members of your group.
Your group will present your creative project and your write-ups to the class November 30th. 
Each member of the group must submit their own write-up explaining the meaning of the gift. The write-up must include:
1-page description of the group collaboration. 
What is the project? 
How did your group arrive at the decision to create the item? 
How was the labor distributed? 
How well did your group collaborate together? 
1-page (minimum) discussion of the reading for which your gift is directed. 
In this discussion, tell me who the author is and the title of the reading. 
Give a summary of the gifts this author has given you — be specific, make explicit references to the text (use direct quotes and citations), be sure to follow every quote and reference to the text with an interpretation of what the text means in your own words (like what we do in class together). 
After summarizing each gift the author has given you, explain how and why you regard this as a gift. What was the impact of this gift on your life? How will you use this gift after you leave this class? 
1-page (minimum) discussion of how your project embodies the idea of reciprocity.
Discuss why your creative project is an appropriate gift for the author of the reading you’ve selected. 
State and explain Meisner’s concept of reciprocity and the role gift-giving plays (be sure to cite Meisner’s essay).
Explain how your creative project lives up to reciprocity.
Discuss how the gifts you received from the author discussed in the previous page live up to the ideas of mutual responsibility and kinship.
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