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Please answer the attached statistics document

statistics project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Requirements: tutor choice
Statistics Extra Credit Assignment
You are interested in studying the variability of violent crimes committed and police expenditures in the eastern and midwestern United States. The U.S. Census Bureau collected the following statistics on these two variables for 21 states in the East and Midwest in 2014–2015.
What are the means? The standard deviations?
Compare the mean with the standard deviation for each variable. Does there appear to be more variability in the number of crimes or in police expenditures per capita in these states? Which states contribute more to this greater variability?
Suggest why one variable has more variability than the other. In other words, what social forces would cause one variable to have a relatively large standard deviation?
The following table summarizes the racial differences in education and the number of children for GSS 2018 Hispanic and American Indian respondents. Based on the means and standard deviations (in parentheses), what conclusions can be drawn about differences in the years of education and the number of children?