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Please make slides for this outline on Marie Antoinette

history question and need guidance to help me learn.

Please build slides for each outline slide in the uploaded file. Please cover every slide question. Must be very informative and have sources. Each slide should have atleast one paragraph responding to the info needed in the outline. You can use Caroline Weber’s “Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution”

Requirements: 1 Page
Presentation Outline
Slide 1: Introduction
Briefly introduce Marie Antoinette and her historical context.
Mention the focus of the presentation: her critique and fashion influence.
Slide 2: Early Life and Marriage
Discuss Marie Antoinette’s upbringing in Austria.
Explain her marriage to King Louis XVI of France.
Slide 3: Arrival in France
Describe Marie Antoinette’s arrival in the French court.
Mention the initial perception of her by the French people.
Slide 4: Critiques and Scandals
Highlight early critiques and scandals she faced.
Discuss the “Diamond Necklace Affair” and its impact.
Slide 5: Lavish Lifestyle
Explore Marie Antoinette’s extravagant lifestyle.
Discuss her lavish spending and its impact on her image.
Slide 6: Influence on Fashion
Explain Marie Antoinette’s role in setting fashion trends.
Discuss her patronage of designers and her iconic style.
Slide 7: The Chemise a la Reine
Present the “Chemise a la Reine” dress and its significance.
Discuss how it represented a break from the traditional court attire.
Slide 8: Legacy in Fashion
Explore the lasting impact of Marie Antoinette’s fashion choices.
Mention how her style influenced future generations.
Slide 9: Marie Antoinette’s Downfall
Describe the events leading to Marie Antoinette’s downfall.
Mention her involvement in the French Revolution.
Slide 10: Conclusion
Summarize Marie Antoinette’s critiques, her power in fashion, and her ultimate fate.
Reflect on her historical significance and cultural legacy.
Slide 11: Q&A
Open the floor for questions and discussion.
Also some helpful websites for the above:
Marie Antoinette – A comprehensive biography of Marie Antoinette with details on her life, marriage, and controversies.
Website: – Marie Antoinette: History Channel’s resource on Marie Antoinette, featuring articles, videos, and historical context.
Marie Antoinette – The Metropolitan Museum of Art: This page from the Met Museum provides insight into Marie Antoinette’s fashion and her influence on 18th-century French style.
Marie Antoinette – BBC History: BBC History offers an overview of Marie Antoinette’s life, including her fashion choices and the events of the French Revolution.
Marie Antoinette: Queen of Fashion – Smithsonian Magazine: An article discussing Marie Antoinette’s fashion and her role as a trendsetter.
The Fashion of Marie Antoinette – Victoria and Albert Museum: This resource explores the fashion of Marie Antoinette and her influence on 18th-century style.
Marie Antoinette – Encyclopaedia Britannica: Britannica provides an in-depth article covering her life, influence, and critiques.
The French Revolution – To understand the broader historical context and the events that led to Marie Antoinette’s downfall.
Fashion History Resources – Victoria and Albert Museum: Additional resources on 18th-century fashion and its evolution.