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PSY 311 research method

psychology question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Milestone Assessment 1
For this milestone assessment, you should develop a research question. In doing so, you should draw on the information that has been covered in this module to ensure that your question is scientifically sound, feasible, interesting, and ethical.
What do I want you to do?
In order to complete this assignment, you should do a search of the relevant scientific literature to see what is already known about your area of interest and what remains to be explored. As you gain a better understanding of the background information, you will ultimately be able to come to a specific research question. As you develop the question, you should make sure that you could test your question, that doing so would provide some scientific value and be of interest, and that answering your question would not violate any of the ethical principles.
Why do I want you to do it?
A major goal in this course is to have you become familiar with how research in psychology and other closely-related fields is conducted. Being able to review the existing literature and develop your own sound research question is an important first step in the overall research process.
How do I want you to do it?
In terms of format, you should write out your question followed by a few paragraphs of text in which you address those issues mentioned above. The entire milestone should not be more than 2-3 pages of typed, double spaced 12 point font text with one inch margins.
Your assignment submission should include:
A word, google doc, or pdf file
Requirements: 2 pages