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PSY-353-1O75 Community Psychology

psychology writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Prompt: Your pastor asks you to start a new ministry for your church to work with disadvantaged children through a partnership with public schools in your community. Your pastor wants you to create a proposal to share with the church leaders, who will later decide whether to approve and fund your ministry. Your proposal needs to address the following:
What is the biblical basis for such ministry? Include scriptural references.
Explain how this ministry will meet the church’s values, vision, and mission.
Based on community psychology, what are some of the reasons why the children are disadvantaged?
Provide examples of other churches that have similar ministries (provide links to websites).
How would your church work with the community to devise this ministry?
What are your mission statement and goals for the ministry, and how will you determine if you provided effective treatment for the children?
Provide examples of activities the ministry would offer to provide treatment.
Explain how you would promote the ministry among your church and community.
Provide a list of individuals needed to staff the ministry, such as volunteers and any paid staff.
o Requirements: Minimum of 750 words; APA format; and three to five references.
Requirements: 750