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Report Human Computer Interaction

computer science project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

1 video 4-5 mins, 1 script and 1 report
Requirements: 20
10/25/23, 8:48 PMProject 2- Interactive Prototype and Demo 2- Interactive Prototype and Demo Due Dec 4 by 6pm Points 200 Submitting a file uploadAvailable Oct 16 at 6pm – Dec 5 at 11:59pmStart AssignmentHigh Fidelity Prototype (170 points)Select your favorite prototyping application from the following Axure, JIM, Adobe XD or In-VisionStudio. No other application will be acceptedCreate your interactive prototypeConduct usability testing with at least 4 participants and measurable metrics: Example, success rate,time to finish the tasksAnalyze your testing results and modify your prototype if needed.Compare your design with the original design.What did you learn from this project?RememberYour hight fidelity prototype must be created with the approved tools; no other tool files are accepted.The prototype must be interactive; for example, UI elements are clickable.All images must support your design.The prototype must follow the information architecture discussed in the lecture and reading material.This includes labeling, instruction text, menu options, accessibility, etc.Visual design must follow the rules discussed in the lectures and reading material—for example,color pallets, contrast font size,etc.Upload the interactive prototype in digital form on Canvas. No cloud-based prototype is accepted.The project upload file must include all files,3- Demo-Recording of your Prototyping Demo (30 Points)View your high-fidelity prototype in simulation mode, use your favorite screen recording application,and show your design. Add voice comments wherever needed to point out the changes.Many screen recording tools are available to do that, such as Free Cam and CamStudio or Snagit,and Adobe Rush.A video demo of your prototype must be at most 5 minutes. Project DeliverableInteractive Prototype
10/25/23, 8:48 PMProject 2- Interactive Prototype and Demo 164- Project 2 (1)Recording of the prototype demo.The filename must be ISE 164_P2_student Name and uploaded with your report on Canva.Assignments submitted after the deadline carry 10% deduction every day.
10/25/23, 8:48 PMProject 2- Interactive Prototype and Demo Points: 200CriteriaRatingsPts10 pts30 pts10 pts15 pts5 pts10 pts30 pts30 pts30 pts30 ptsReport-1- Proroyping TechniqueProduct feature Improvement10 to >8.0 ptsFull Marks-8 to >3.0 ptsNeed Improvement3 to >0 ptsFor tryingReport 2- New Design InteractivityInteractivity of the new design30 to >20.0 ptsFull Marks20 to >10.0 ptsAttempted Needimprovment10 to >0 ptsFor tryingReport 3- Proroyping tool and techniques10 to >5.0 ptsFull Marks5 to >2.5 ptsNeed improvement2.5 to >0 ptsFor tryingReport 4-Usability Testing improvementimprovement based on previous design.Design Execution15 to >10.0 ptsFull Marks10 to >2.5 ptsNeed improvement2.5 to >0 ptsFor tryingVisual Design, Attention to detals5 to >2.5 ptsFull Marks2.5 to >0.0 ptsNeed improvement0 ptsNo MarksLabeling and Information architecture10 to >6.67 ptsFull Marks6.67 to >3.33 ptsNeed improvement3.33 to >0 ptsFor tryingPrototype 1-Design Improvement Scope30 to >20.0 ptsFull Marks20 to >10.0 ptsNeed improvement10 to >0 ptsFor tryingPrototype 2- Interactivity30 to >20.0 ptsFull Marks20 to >10.0 ptsNeed improvement10 to >0 ptsFor TryingPrototype 3- ExecutionVisual Design, IA, Application or rules andPrinciples30 to >20.0 ptsFull Marks20 to >5.0 ptsNeed improvement5 to >0 ptsFor TryingPrototype Demo-Quality, execution, time, and explanation30 to >18.0 ptsFull Marks18 to >0.0 ptsNeed improvement0 ptsNo Marks