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Share A Work Of Art That You Enjoy

This discussion assignment asks you to share an artwork you enjoy by embedding an image into the discussion box, and writing about why you enjoy the work of art you chose. You may choose a work from any period, made from any media. Please identify the Artist, Title, Date, and Material of the work of art you choose. Then, please write at least 4-5 sentences describing what about the workis enjoyable to you. You can focus on subject matter, the formal composition, the materials, or how it makes you feel.
This oil painting by Alice Neel is a portrait of my mentor and dissertation advisor, the art historian Linda Nochlin. The portrait depicts Linda long before I knew her. Neel captures Linda’s bold personality and intellectual vigor with strong brushstrokes and bright colors. Both Linda and her daughter, Daisy, gaze at the viewer with steadfast assuredness. At a time when both Neel and Linda were establishing a Feminist Movement in the discipline of art history, this portrait reminds me of the spirit of courage and fortuitute that my mentor and her painter friend posessed, and inspires me to work joyfully in order to produce an equitable society. Linda passed away five years ago in 2017, and I feel lucky I can still visit her, via this painting, which is hanging in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Requirements: 5 sentances