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Social Science Question

social science writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please answer both questions. Write 5 double spaced pages for each question for a total of 10 pages. Based on your lecture notes and class readings you should be able to answer both questions but to do really well, you probably need to consult other sources. Please add a bibliography of all sources you cite. Also, use your spellchecker.
Explain how the history of the medical profession in the US has contributed to the three major problems facing the US health care system. To answer this question, you will a. explain what the three major problems are in U.S. health care, b. summarize how physicians may have directly or indirectly exacerbated each of these issues over the past 100 years, c. examine any possible counter measures to reign in the role of physicians, and d. offer your opinion on the role of physicians in the future of US health care.
2. Are public health measures more important than health care for improving population health? To answer this question, A. Explain whether and how health care makes a difference in population health. B. Explain whether and how public health measures make a difference in population health, C. Using the Abraham book (Mama Might Be Better Off Dead: The Failure of Health Care in Urban America) provide three examples of inefficiencies/missed opportunities in Robert Banes’ health care. Using the Abraham book provide three examples of how public health measures could have improved the life of Cora Jackson. 5. If you had a budget of $10 million, how could you spend the money to most improve the health of Chicago residents in Lawndale?