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The Collapse of Lehman Brothers

powerpoint presentation and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

I am doing a PowerPoint on Lehman Brothers. I want to make a PowerPoint that looks cool with pictures and nice font and background. I only want you to talk about Lehman Brothers Background / history. Who they are and how they started and then how the collapse happened. No need to talk about reasons of the collapse or impact of it or any thing after the collape. Just talk about thier history how they started who they are and how the collapse happened to them. Almost 4-6 slides total. I want the first slide to have the topic ” The Collapse of Lehman Brothers” and I want it to have pictures and look attracting and exciting. I want all the slides to be in theme. I want you to add 8 empty slides with the same theme so I will edit some stuff on them. MAKE IT LOOK GOOOODD
Requirements: 4-6 slides