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Using Excel and Data Visualization Activity

data analytics exercise and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Use the provided data set to perform the operations listed below.
Determine each variable’s type – quantitative (discrete or continuous) or categorical. This will help determine which graphical display to use. See below and the extra sheet in the Excel file.
Create a histogram with one of the quantitative variables. You decide the appropriate number of bins. Copy and paste to a Word/pdf document.
Comment on the histogram’s center, variability, shape, and any unusual values.
Create a pie chart or bar chart with one of the categorical variables. Copy and paste to your Word/pdf document.
Comment on what you see in the pie/bar chart.
Create another visualization of your choice. Comment on the variable and visualization you selected and what relationships, patterns, or insights you found.
Turn in your 1-2 page Word/pdf document.
Data: See attached
A data dictionary is provided in the Excel file in the sheet called “Data Dictionary.”
Requirements: 2 pages